GASO 3088 / 3113 Triplex Piston Pump

Wheatley Pump is an OEM supplier of the Gaso 3088 / 3113 Pump. The team at IEQ Industries is here to keep your pumps running strong.

Providing Industry Solutions for 90 Years

3,300 PSI (max)
75.80 BHP (max)
90.40 GPM (max)

Download your copy of the 3088 / 3113 Specs.
Gaso 3088 / 3113 Triplex Piston Pump


  • Stroke length, 3 1/2″
  • Diameter, in.: 3.5
  • Model 3113-H
       Tapped Fluid End – 1475
        Flanged Fluid End – 1670
      “M” model: 3088-M – 1475
      “H” model: 3088-L – 1625
      Model 3113-M
        Tapped Fluid End – 950
        Flanged Fluid End – 1100
      Model 3113-L
        Tapped Fluid End – 1000
        Flanged Fluid End – 1150

3113 HU Steel Billet
   3113:M I Steel Billet
   3088-L Steel Billet
   3113-MM Cast Ni. Alum. Bronze
   3113-L Cast Ni. Alum. Bronze

Looking for Wheatley Gaso Parts?

The team here at Wheatley Pump is dedicated to helping you track down those hard-to-find parts. We know tracking down both current and obsolete parts can prove quite frustrating. However, we are dedicated to keeping your pumps in working order. Let the friendly customer service staff at Wheatley Pump help you find the replacement parts you need to repair your duplex or triplex or quintuplex plunger and piston pumps.

Wheatley Pump Customer Service

At Wheatley Pump, we supply our customers with the hard-to-find plungers, pistons, packing valves, connecting rods and bearings they can't track down on their own. We serve national and international customers alike, and our business can be counted on for fast shipping and friendly assistance.

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