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There are hundreds of Wheatley Pump Parts including parts from new and obsolete pumps. We can assist you in navigating through everything available and help you find the exact parts you need to keep your pump running strong.
IEQ Industries offers a variety of new, remanufactured and used pumps.

Say good bye to tracking down part numbers...


Ceramic plungers work exceptionally well for most saltwater, chemical, and metering applications. IEQ specially-formulated grades of ceramic allow a standard 8 RMS surface finish dramatically extending packing life.

Plate Valves

The IEQ Industries standard seat is a three-Webb, investment-cast, 316 stainless steel unit that is also available in a five-Webb, high-pressure design.

Specialty Valves

Abrasion-resistant valves are recommended for applications where abrasives are causing premature failure of standard valves and suspended solids dictate the use of an open flow design. Specially effective in saltwater disposal service, tank truck, and workover applications.

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Packing Sets & Plunger Packing

General service 838 plunger packing recommended for service in freshwater, saltwater, propane, butane, gasoline, light or heavy oils, mild chemicals and acids, and most hydraulic fluids.838 plunger packing is composed of nitrile rubber and synthetic fabric.

Pulsation Dampeners

Head off pump pulsation problems with Pulsation Dampeners. Industry experts recommend that pulsation Stabilizers be attached to the suction side first, then the discharge Side of a pump.



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